First 25 years …

(Note: Page contents is based from a newspaper article but I could not find the source. The Legion has been in the Chicago area for more than 50 years. The Legion exists to Evangelize )

Personal Reflections of a Former Council Officer

By Dorothy Gubbins Colucci


Florence Murphy, correspondent from St. Louis to Chicago, 1950

It was during the third week of Advent. 1946. a very busy pre-Christmas season, that I received a phone call from our associate pastor, “When you have a few min­utes to spare. please see me at the Rectory.” I was not used to such a request, but I answered, “Sure Father, tomorrow evening about 7:00.” “Have you ever heard of the Legion of Mary?” the smiling priest asked after I made my appearance at the Rectory. “No Father, I haven’t but you sound interested. Tell me what you have in mind.”

Father explained that the Legion was an apostolic organization with the personal sanctification of the member, the most important object, and personal con­tact with souls our means of spreading the “Good News.” He gave me a few leaflets and set a date for an informational meeting with an experienced Legionary from a neighboring parish. When I said everything sounded very interesting and that I would be present at the meeting, I never realized that I would be embark­ing on one of the great adventures of my life.