First 25 years …

The informational meeting was quite successful, eight firm members and a few “maybes.” We set the date for the first meeting of Our Lady of the Angels Praesidium for January 7. 1947. Father decided that we should spend the first month getting to know the Legion by reading the Handbook and other literature. During this time, we came to understand that our prae­sidium was not alone, but part of a much larger organization, the Chicago Curia. screenshot-from-2017-02-14-04-10-29

Symposium at St. Charles Parish in 1951. Members of Comitium and the South Side Curia

Attendance at our first Curia meeting (the fourth Sunday of January, 1947) was very interesting. A new spiritual director was taking over: Msgr. John A. McMa­hon was replacing Msgr. Richard S. Kelly. Later Msgr. McMahon became Spiritual Director for the Comitium, and served in this capacity for the next three decades.

As we attended Curia meetings, we were made aware of the great work the Extension Committee was doing. It seemed that a new group was arriving at each meeting. Finally, in July of 1948, with the many new groups in place, the Curia was divided. All praesidia north of 22nd Street would form the Comitium and prae­sidia south of 22nd Street would be known as the South Side Curia. The Legion of Mary in Chicago was on its way.