First 25 years …

In early 1950, I became secretary of the Comi­tium, another great event in my life. For the next three years the Comitium officers met at least once a month. I also became aware that the Legion in Chicago Comitium and Curia ­was also part of a much larger organization. We were attached to the St. Louis Senatus, and to them we sent our Praesidia reports and our Council reports. Our St. Louis correspondent fur­nished us with copies of the minutes from the Concil­ium and important items were read at Comitium meetings. We became aware of the world-wide action of the Legion of Mary, of Edel Quinn, who despite being afflicted with tuberculosis, had done such a tremen­dous job in Africa; of Frank Duff, at that time still among the living, who dedi­cated the rest of his life to spreading the Legion throughout the world, Won­derful role models to try to live up to.


Praesidium of Seminarians at Divine Word Seminary, 1958. Dorothy Gubbins, President of Comitium and Helen Moran, Secretary of Comitium are seated.

Another event peculiar to the Legion of Mary was the annual Acies celebra­tion. It was thrilling to see several hundred people, our active and auxiliary mem­bers, streaming into Holy Name Cathedral. We had some tremendous speakers at the Acies and in 1950 we were privileged to have Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago, address our members. As he said, “I like the quiet, sincere way in which you work, but most of all I like your utter dependence on prayer.” This one sentence meant much to all of us, especially to the Aux­iliaries.