First 25 years …

In 1951 the Comitium officers were privileged to make our first visit to the St. Louis Senatus. The next spring the Comitium and Curia reciprocated and in­vited our St. Louis correspondent and one other officer to a Symposium held at St. Charles Borromeo Parish. It was very pleasant to meet the people we knew only from their letters. Friendships were formed that lasted for many years.


Home Visit

Because the Comitium continued to grow, by 1953 a new Curia was formed. All praesidia north of North Avenue were to make up the new North Side Curia. We were fortunate to have two dynamic Legionaries to lead the newly formed Curia.


Symposium at St. Charles Parish in 1951.


One of their first works was to form Extension Committees. One Saturday each month a group of six or eight Legionaries met. A specific area had been chosen and pairs as­signed to each of the par­ishes that did not have a Praesidium. Results were excellent. The North Side Curia contin­ued to prosper.