First 25 years …


Legionaries had parish Rosary processions.

The Junior Curia had been in exis­tence for a few years with few attached praesidia, but due to the lack of adult su­pervision, it was not progressing as it should. During the summer of 1957, we had a visit from our correspondent in the St. Louis Senatus. She insisted that an adult be appointed president of the Jun­ior Curia. An adult who enjoyed working with young people became president, and our countless extension visits to the Chris­tian Brother Schools finally bore fruit and the Junior Curia grew by leaps and bounds. In an incredibly short time the Junior Curia grew to 56 praesidia and we had to divide into a North Side, South Side and Central Junior Curia Many splendid programs were planned for the Curia: per­haps the two most important were the weekend retreats held each year in a suburban retreat house and “Vocation Days” held in conjunction with Curia meetings once or twice an year. Priests, spiritual directors from the parishes, Sisters and Brothers, and spiritual directors in the high schools were invited to speak to the young Legionaries about religious vocations. It would not be possible to tell the exact number of vocations to Priesthood and religious life which resulted from these talks, but we did regular visitations from our correspon­dents in the St. Louis Senatus. These regu­lar visitations assured that any irregulari­ties were quickly noted and corrected.