First 25 years …


Mother of God Praesidium organizes Rosary at Lake County.

An innovative work undertaken at this time was the Apostolate to the Crowd, work done by the Praesidiurn at St. Peter’s, a downtown parish. After training, the Le­aionaries stationed themselves at strategic places in the downtown area. They would stop an individual, and if that person were agreeable, would engage him or her in con­versation about the Catholic Church. The work proved very interesting and although there are no statistics on results, at least the Legionaries have the joy ofknowing that people, who might never have .done so, learned something of the Catholic faith.

Because the Legion of Mary doesn’t have to be all serious work, we had some really nice Christmas celebrations in con­junction with our Comitium and Senatus meetings, sometimes with songs from the Legion Song Book, sometimes a beautiful religious service complete with Scripture readings and Christmas carols. During the summer we also had enjoyable picnics, usually at one of the suburban seminaries with an open air meeting and then closing with Benediction in the seminary chapel.