Examples of Legionary work:

  1. Street Evangelization or crowd contact -Members share the Catholic faith to people at the park or in other public places. The members are to be humble, joyful, patient and prayerful. As one member talks, the other member is praying and listening.


  2. Promoting the Rosary – Legionaries give Rosaries and instructions on how to pray the Rosary. A lot of the young people do not know how to pray the Rosary but remember their grandparents praying it. The pictures below were taken after the pride parade.


  3. Promoting Catholic Information at the County fairs or parish events – Among the items provided for free are Miraculous Medals, Rosaries and Catholic apologetic tracts.


    Some guiding Principles of Legionary work: (For more details, see Section 39 of the Legion Handbook – Cardinal Points of the Legion Apostolate).

    1. Work is done in pairs. Two members work together during the week. This principle is for the safety of the members, for mutual encouragement and it for promoting discipline. It secures fidelity and punctuality in carrying out the work. Working in pairs also promotes unity and transfer of knowledge between an experienced member and a newer member.
    2. The work must be controlled and supervised and approved by the parish group. A brief report of the work done is given at the meeting.
    3. The approach is “in the spirit of Faith and in Union with Mary, in such fashion that in those worked for and and in one’s fellow-members, the Person of our Lord is once again seen and served by Mary, his Mother” (Legion Handbook 18:7)