Concilium bulletin Nov 2017

Some Excerpts from the Concilium bulletin for Nov 2017:

Melbourne Senatus:  Back-packers hostels were visited at Easter and Christmas with Mass times given to residents. Legionaries visit a Detention Centre with the priest. Flemington Vietnamese Comitium has 3 Curiae with 362 members. Port Olry Comitium, Vanuatu, has 17 praesidia. Legionaries visit the elderly, unmarried couples and some have agreed to be married in Church. Children are instructed in the schools and 5 people were received into the Church.

Senatus of Northern Philippines: The Diocese of San Pablo consists of 86 parishes, 18 of which has no Legion presence. Over 7,000 visits were made to homes, and contacts made in shopping malls, parks and food outlets. 154 inmates were visited in jails, 2 given anointing of the sick and 84 involved in drugs were counselled and received the Sacrament of penance; 26 of these were put into rehabilitation and jobs sought for them. Regia of Antipolo assisted two people to receive Confession after 20/30 years lapsed from the Church. In a jail where Bible study is conducted weekly, 60 inmates went to Confession when the priest visited. Western Visayas Senatus: North Central Iloilo Comitium visited 424 homes on an Exploratio Dominicalis project. A person diagnosed with cancer was reported as being miraculously healed through the intercession of Frank Duff. A Curia reported on homes and hospitals visited, crowd contact and jail visitation. Exploratio Dominicalis facilitated the marriage of a couple living together for 30 years. Cebu Senatus: One council reported visiting over 1,000 families, 4,000 children from public schools catechised, and 418 prisoners encouraged to receive the Sacraments. A Curia organised the praying of 2,000 Hail Marys for the unborn. A junior praesidium with 50 members will shortly divide, and another reports the setting up of a counselling programme for unwed couples and single mothers.

Senatus of La Paz: Teaching catechism to shoe-shine boys continues, a work started by Alfie Lambe. Many praesidia work in areas where 90% of the population are Evangelists. Here home-to-home visitation is their main work. Some families have accepted the Pilgrim statue and returned to the Catholic Church. In praesidia where some legionaries are elderly and cannot walk long distances, street contact work is done; this includes chatting to older people waiting at bus stops and helping them to get on the bus. Those waiting to cross busy roads are taken by the arm safely across the road and spoken to about the faith. The legionaries arrange Bible study groups in the homes of married couples.

Johannesburg Senatus: Reports from 3 praesidia indicate that very solid home visitation is undertaken by the legionaries. Contact is made with Moslems, atheists, non-Catholics and there were many returns of the lapsed to the Sacraments. Hospital and prison visitation is undertaken and street contact is also done.